Friday, June 28, 2013

Very Sleepy, but I still have a lot of tasks need to be completed

The most time of this week was spending on my holidays in Auckland. That was a great holidays, I did not write many lines of code. I spent a lot of time to be a real tourist! But after the holidays, I still need to finish the tasks for this week!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

I am so tired!

This is Friday, I am tried! I had 4.5 hours meeting with clients this morning. I am looking forward the holidays!!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Get ready for wedding?

The wedding date is not far away now. That is only two months time...... I  booked the venue and photographer. The wedding dress are delivered Yesterday, we made the chosen for wedding flowers too. That will be Light Bella from Blooms, Baskets & Gifts in Everton Hills.
But there are still many things on progress, I need to work the songs on church service and book the dinner on the wedding date etc.....

Coffee is the things every day i need

I found after I started to be a full-time programmer, I need coffee every day. I had three cups of coffee every day.I used to be stay awake for a whole night, if I had a coffee after 6pm. But recently, I have to take a coffee every 6pm, this way is to make sure I can drive at night. 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

That is Friday, a training day

Today is Friday, but that is a bit relaxing. I am in a Win8 training. Not that stressful at all. But I need to work tonight and tomorrow....

The Mobile service in Azure

The second things we learnt today is Mobile Service in Azure. That is very useful too! In a simple term, that is rest service to altering the sql table in Azure which is very good for the mobile app. Moreover, it has access control system to set who can insert, update the data.

Learning Azure now

Now, the presenter is talking about Windows Azure, this is the cloud service from Microsoft. It has VM, SQL, Storage. The most interesting thing is Active Directory in Azure. We can put your active  directory on the cloud. I can reduce the number of services I need to manage!

I am in a training session

After I started my own business,AdvGen-Web Design Company in Brisbane, most of my time is working for my clients. That is so great to have a day for training, learning Win8 and visual studio 2012

I am at windows 8 dev camp

I am in Microsoft Brisbane Office now and learning new windows 8. I hope we can learn enough to  build our windows 8 app.

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Aussie dollars falls, that is good!

A friend told me Aussie dollars is falling, that is bad.  We are earning aussie dollars, if the aussie dollars falls, therefore our wages are cut!
I got a different views, that is good for us. I am running a web design company,AdvGen, we got a lot of competitions from other countries. Many people will consider the web design services from oversea. because of our strong currency, our web design is more expensive. If the ausssie dollars falls, our Australian service and products will become more competitive.