Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fuel Price, 134.9 cents per L, that is very cheap

I just fueled up my car this afternoon. That was 134.9 cents per L and I chose to use E10 , that is 132.9 cents per L. The whole tank is about $49. That is so cheap! We have not used the fuel for this price for a few months!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Alliance of technology partners

Some one asked myself whether we can provide computer hardware. Yes, we can. However, that is not our core business. We will get the hardware from our trustworthy partners.
We are not big enough to have everything. We prefer to put our efforts on the areas we already are serving in. On other hand,
We have other technologies partners are very good at those areas.  Moreover we have some long term relationship with them. We can still ensure the quality.  Finally we have a win win solution. They can get the business from us and we can get the services or products.

Monday, August 25, 2014

We still cannot get away from Search Engines

"Social Media" has became a hot topic during these recent years. A lot of people believe that is the way for online market. I believe that is very useful too. However, search engines is still the most helpful way to search for the information. We need to submit the websites to the search engines

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Learning from the failures

I cannot do everythings right, even I tried my best to recover my fault. That may not work every times.
The most important part is learning from those failures. I know there may be some environment factor which we cannot control. However, there are still parts we could do better next times. Thus, we need to sit down and review our failures every times!

Multi income streams

I think that is important to have multi income streams as a startup business. That is too high risk to generate the income from a single area. We have diversity of client base. In case, one industry is going a tough time. We can get enough income from other businesses. That is the reason my company builds mobile apps, custom applications and websites  for clients. Even we do technical support for clients  too! That is hard to do time management for doing well in those areas. But that is the way to have a stable business .

Monday, August 04, 2014

Corporate Culture

Recently, I met some graduates. I had some discussions with them about their first job. I found they are very focus on profession training, salary and the size of companies. I think they should think about Corporate Culture. They should think about whether they can fit in the team and whether their work style is similar with the company they are going to apply. I really wish them can enjoy their first job!