Friday, November 28, 2014

IT support service is essential for you

A lot of people don't feel your IT infrastructure is essential for your job. That is not worth to spend on IT support service. They may say the business was running as usual in the time without computers.
However, imagine one day, your computer is out of order. You cannot use words and email. Maybe, your financial data is lost. Yes, you may get all important data from your paper based archive. You can use typewriters for writing letters to your clients. You can call your clients via phone lines instead of emails. You can go back to use paper and pen for tasks which used to be done by computers.
Well, in this scenario, you need to spend months for converting everything back paper based system. In addition, the paper based system is running less efficiency than computerized system.  This can cost hundreds times more than IT support service!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Beware the cheapest option

I am happy to choose the lowest cost solution, if it can fulfil my requirements.  That is no points to waste my money. 
However, I found the most of time the cheapest option cannot delivery a good enough quality. If it cannot do the jobs, that is useless to have that, even it cost less.
For example, I can use Voice on IP software on my mobile, if I use it, that is cheaper than a mobile phone call. But voice quality is not very good.Thus, I never use it to make some important phone calls. I need other side to heard every word I say clearly, I need to heard every word he/she say clearly. No misunderstanding between us! That is more valuable than the cost of a mobile call!
 I think you find out what you need to do, then finding which options cost the lowest and can do the job!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Does it look good?

This is my new work for Faithful Dental. Does it look good? I like it  a lot, that is very simple and clean! I can do creative tasks too, just about programming.