Sunday, September 11, 2016

Building website is not that easy

A lot of people believe that is easy to build a website, even they can do that better than someone who build web sites for the living.  Yes, maybe , they are right. They can install a WordPress with free templates and add some images which are downloaded from the Internet.  It looks nice on his/her PC or mobile phone. However, if you are building a commercial website, you cannot do those things.
Firstly,  we cannot use any copyrighted images, we have to use our own photo or bought some stock photos.  Some photos even took by us, because there are some people, we need to get a written approval from those people to use those photo on the website.
Secondly, we build a website which can use in Desktop and Mobile phones. not just yours one. We have to consider some cross-devices tissues.  We did some trade-off on our designs.
My dearest friends, I believe we can do a good website in some aspects, however, we build a commercial website which is good at every aspect.