Sunday, October 18, 2015

Rebuild the software, rather than upgarde

I am writing a new version of my client's website. There are some contents and a new layout. However, that is not a upgrade. I am re-writing the whole system. Actually, that is a common practice. The system is about 3 years ago. In some companies, they will rebuild systems every few years. That is because a lot of times, programmers put the patches to fix the bugs. In the most times, those patches are not the best way to implement functions. When the system rebuild those fixes can be cleanup. Also, that is the chance to upgrade the system libraries. In my client's websites, that is using MVC2. Now, I am using MVC5. That is a major upgrade. Rebuilding the whole website can be do this kind of libraries cleaner.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I still like to write desktop applications

Nowadays, every one likes to talk about Mobile App and Cloud technologies.  A lot of developers are keen to learn iOS and Android programming. Well, I build iOS and Android apps too. However, I still like to build desktop applications.  I like to build somethings in a bigger screen. In a bigger screen,  I can add more components and more complex user interactions in the screen. Moreover, the desktop application can be more standalone, without any cloud resources. I believe in some situations which are better to keep your data and application logic in your local desktop, such as your tax and financial information.  They are the reasons to make myself, still building desktop applications.