Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Lower Cost Option can cost you more

A lot of people believe the cheapest option is always able to delivery the best value.  This option can always save money! I cannot agree with them. The vendors can mark their price tags higher with grounds! They costed more, because they can delivery some extra values.
For example, I used a low cost internet provider before, the service is not very reliable. It could be out of services for a few hours. To end up, I need to find a 4G modem as a backup connection. Moreover, during the period of "internet back out", I cannot work from home. I went to an internet cafe for checking and replying emails. I wasted at least 3 man hours for that each times. That is not fun.
I believe lower cost options did not cost you money in their price tags, however, you need to pay the cost in other ways!