Thursday, June 25, 2015

Multi-webhosting providers

We are managing a number of websites, most of them owned by us and there are a few of them we managed for our clients.  We put them into a number of different datacenters and the hosts are provided by a various providers too. We are worried about the single point of  failure. Moreover,  any things related with our core business or clients' business, we will put them in a web hosting has phone support.
Today, one of our travel blogs web host are down. That is because the provider has some hardware issues. This travel blog is not our core business. The other websites are affected because they are in a different providers.  That is good to use multi-webhosting providers

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Fuel Price Raising

This morning, when I went out to my office, I found the most of petrol stations in Eight Mile Plains and Sunnybank. The price is jumped up to 149 cents per litre. So far, I only found Calamvale Woothworth sell the fuel at 125 cents per litre.