Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A success story of Australia Software Company - Atlassian

This monday night, I was watching The Business on ABC. During the program, there was a section about A success story of Australia Software Company ,Atlassian. I have been their product JIRA for years, but I never know they are an australian company. I am surprised that is a local startup in Sydney. That was an interesting story. Thus, I paid attention to listen their story. I found they faced a problem which a lot australian companies are facing, Australia is a relative small country. Our local market is not big enough to reach a critical mass. They pointed out Internet is an opportunity for Australian companies to reach the global easily. They are selling their software solutions. I believe that will be a model for every software company in Australia to consider!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Tasty ramen and dumplings

This afternoon , I and my wife had a tasty lunch at garden city. We went to hakataya for lunch.

We ordered a ramen with a free bowl  of  noodles. That was lovely.
Moreover, we had a dish of half priced japanese dumplings.
That was so full. After that, i spent an hour to do exercise. I wish to burn the weight gained by this lunch .
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